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We're imagining that there will be a new medium which combines simple ideas (words) and more complex expansions on what they mean. Suppose one could play with words or ideas, deleting and adding new ones; suppose one could choose the elaboration on what they mean when one wanted to take the time; and, suppose somebody clever was creating the technology to make all this fun and easy. That's what we're imagining.

To quickly see what this idea is about, go to When the page comes up, type "Elvis Presley" in the "Search:" box and click "Enter" (there is no need to give them your e-mail). You'll see Elvis in the middle of lots of singers & singing groups who are liked by the same people who like Elvis in the database built from tracking the cursor clicks of visitors to Then search on any artist or movie that interests you to see what it is associated with. Liveplasma seems to default to artist, so if you give a movie name, then click "movie" before clicking "enter". and use this approach when making suggestions, but the liveplasma display is spectacular. Imagine playing with ideas in this manner. Also imagine that "Liveplasma" provided for linking to more information.

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Evolution of Civilization
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